The rapid clearance of circulating nanocarriers in blood during systemic drug?delivery remains a challenging hurdle in cancer chemotherapy. Here, inspired?by the unique features of bacterial pathogens, an original biodegradable?polymer micellar system with a rod-like shape similar to the morphology of?bacterial pathogens is developed. These novel nanocarriers have excellent features?such as a great capacity of overcoming the rapid clearance of eticuloendothelial?system (RES) with long blood circulation, high cellular internalization,and enhanced therapeutic effi cacy against cancers. In vivo pharmacokinetic?studies in mice reveal that the rod-like micelles of ≈40 nm in diameter and?600 nm in length possess a minimal uptake by the RES and excellent blood?circulation half-lives ( t 1/2β = 24.23 ± 2.87 h) for carrying doxorubicin in contrast?to spheres ( t 1/2β = 8.39 ± 0.53 h). The antitumor activity of the rod-shaped?micelles in Balb/c mice bearing H22 tumor xenograft models reveals that they?are promptly internalized by tumor cells, resulting in their superior potency?and effi cacy against artifi cial solid tumors. These fi ndings suggest that the?bio-inspired nanocarriers as an emerging drug delivery platform may have?considerable benefi ts for enhancing the delivery effi ciency of anticancer drugs?and in turn enhancing cancer therapy in future clinical applications.


Dan Li,Zhaomin Tang,Yuqian Gao,Huili Sun and Shaobing Zhou.


Advanced Functional Materials,26,66-79(2015)

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