Ultrathin, freestanding polymer hybrid fi lm with macroscopic sizes and
molecular thicknesses have received signifi cant interest due to their applications
as functional devices, microsensors or nanoactuators. Herein, a 2D
Janus hybrid of polymer-grafted carbon nanotubes/graphene oxide (CNTs/
GO) thin fi lm is fabricated using microcontact printed CNTs/GO as photo
active surface to grow polymer brushes by self-initiated photografting
and photopolymerization selectively from one side of CNTs/GO fi lm. This
achieved 2D Janus hybrid materials with grafted polymer layer as insulative
carpet and supported CNTs/GO thin fi lm as conductive element have
the potential application as fl exible and miniature electric carpet for heating
micro-/nano devices locally.


Jincui Gu,Zhenzhong Liu,Yonghong Men,Youju Huang,Jiawei Zhang,Liqiang Zhu and Tao Chen.


Advanced Functional Materials,25:16,2428-2435(2015)

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